How You Can Help

There are many ways that you can show your passion for education and help Marathon Education Partners change the life of a child.

 1. Dmarathon picniconate to our Program. Your gift helps provide services that prepare our Scholars to be college ready and make their dreams of a college education a reality. Click here to donate today!

2. Become a Marathon Partner. Being a Marathon Partner is a significant commitment but one that will reward you and your community many times over. Marathon Partners are special individuals who create their very own Scholarship Fund for a deserving student by donating $100 a month for 10 years and nurturing their Scholar along the way with monthly messages of support. We currently have five bright, young people waiting to be matched with their Partner. Click here to download the Partner Application and get started today!

3. Donate your unwanted car, boat or truck. Your unused vehicle can get you a tax deduction and help send a talented, low-income child to college. Just click this link and the Center for Car Donations will take care of everything! The vehicle can be in any condition. All you need is your title and a desire to help.

4. Make a gift to our Scholarship Fund. Your gift to the Jim Adams Scholarship Fund helps support Scholars with merit based scholarships and  with funds to augment their class scholarship funds when circumstances alter individual Partner’s ability to fully fund their ten-year pledge. 100% of your gift to this fund goes to college scholarships for our Scholars. Please Contact Marathon directly at 503-235-2500 if you are interested in donating to the Jim Adams Scholarship Fund.

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